About Us

Dall' Amore, Javier Alejandro


Javi is a passionate worker, always on, doing whatever needs to be done. In the last 6 years he has been working in projects in more than 20 cities in Argentina, Europe and the Middle East.

He likes managing teams as much as he likes to create software, he was involved in multiple projects that are used at city and country levels in Argentina, for the last two years he develops his own products.

You can contact him at javier@gnandoo.com

Guerra, Luis Mariano


Mariano is a Software Engineer from Córdoba, Argentina. He worked for Intel in the High Performance Computing group and for IBM at the Research and Development group before moving to create Gnandoo.

He loves to create useful software that is powerful yet easy to use using web technologies, on his free time he maintains and contributes to several Open Source projects.

You can contact him at mariano@gnandoo.com